Greetings from MW!

Happy holidays! As we end the year, we would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our valued users who have made our platform as one of the leading crowdsourcing websites in the online industry!



2021 has been a year to remember for Microworkers! Our platform has been growing rapidly over the year and our marketplace is continuously expanding! We now have more than 2 million workers from across the world, completing almost 90 million tasks! We also added features and have made some beneficial changes and improvements so our users can experience the high quality service they deserve! To sum up, here are some of the key features and modifications we have implemented for the past years:

For our valued Employers:

MW Chat Feature
– This favorable feature allows our Employers to communicate to the workers via chat to discuss the assigned task/s real-time or whenever both parties are available

Hire Groups Dynamic Targeting Feature
– Create your own group according to your preference. Now you can effortlessly include and/or exclude as many countries as you want in your own group!

Auto Approval of Campaigns
– Experience the real time launching of your campaigns once submitted! As soon as you submit your campaign, it will automatically be open to your target workers.

Position Visibility Delay Feature
– It delays/controls how soon new positions will be available to workers.

Unique Answers Feature
– With this feature, you are ensured that all submissions/answers are distinct.

Auto Skip Feature
– When you want your campaign to continuously be finished without any delay, “Auto Skip” feature is certainly gainful to use!

Auto Refill of Positions
– The “Auto-refill” feature is the solution you need when you have campaigns you wish to run continuously, yet not having the time to keep coming back for submission for Restart.

Maximum Positions per Day
– Allows full control over participation in your campaigns. It lets you manipulate the number of positions you wish to get completed on a daily basis.

Multiple Workers in One Task
– You can now distribute one task/question to 3 or more unique Workers resulting to multiple answers in one question.

Include/Exclude Feature
– Allows Employers to exclude or include certain workers to perform in their future campaigns.

Favorite Feature
– You can include exceptional workers to your Favorite group and you can run your campaigns using this group

QT Optional Feature
– For Employers who run campaigns needing specific skills from workers such as good skills in writing and/or translating words in French, Chinese, Spanish or Japanese, QT Optional feature can help them populate their campaign timely.

Auto Rate
– Rate all submitted tasks in no time! Beneficial to campaigns with a huge number of positions opened.

Task Rating Template
– This feature allows you to list only the data you need to view in order to quickly rate tasks without having to do a lot of scrolling or viewing the instructions provided to Workers, which you (Employer) no longer need to see.

For our valued Workers:

KYC Verification
– This process eliminates the PIN verification to be sent to our workers’ home mailing address. Our workers need to submit their valid ID/s and supporting documents to verify their identities.

Onto Withdrawal Option
– Added withdrawal option that allows our users to withdraw their earnings and receive funds in the form of crypto assets/cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BUSD, etc.) via Onto app.

More Survey & Offer Jobs
– We have third party jobs that provide more Survey and Offer tasks to our workers.

Locked Jobs Page
– A page for workers to monitor their chosen and accepted TTV jobs to perform which are locked to them once taken.

Include/Exclude List and Remove Feature
– Jobs will be displayed to our workers in the order of their preference.

Once again, our sincerest gratitude to all our dear users!
And with new partners on the way, we are looking forward to making 2022 even  better and grander!
Happy New Year to all! Cheers! 🥂

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