What’s New in MW: Locked Jobs Page

We have added a page for workers to monitor their chosen and accepted TTV jobs to perform. And that is the Locked Jobs Page“. What do workers see in this page? Read on.

Let us explain first what “Locked Jobs” mean. From the word itself, these are the TTV jobs that are locked for you, as a worker, once accepted. Since we value the time our workers are taking upon to perform their jobs, sealing the slot of the job for each worker is what we can give them. In return, our Employers will receive organized results imminently.


⇒ When the worker accepted the job, a position/slot will be locked for him/her until the worker finishes the task. Unless the worker decided to skip the task, no other worker can take the slot.

⇒ If the worker decides to discontinue performing the job, the worker needs to skip the task. Slot will be open to other workers. Skipping the task is important to maintain a high success rate and reputation.

⇒ Each worker can lock up to 5 TTV jobs at a time. Worker may only lock 1 TTV job with TTF (Time to Finish) 10 minutes or less.

This is how the Locked Jobs Pagelook like:

All locked jobs are shown in the page. You can choose which locked campaign you should take on first before proceeding to the next.

TTF (Time to Finish) left is indicated in the page for the worker to monitor the jobs. Prioritizing the job having few minutes left is the right approach.

Our system will monitor all locked jobs. Expired, Skipped and Removed tasks will be tracked.

→ Expired tasks are the jobs accepted but was not able to finish/submit proof. In other words, worker run out of time finishing the job and did not skip the task.

→ Skipped tasks are the jobs you have accepted but have chosen not to continue performing.

→ Removed tasks are revision jobs that were removed by the worker instead of redoing them.

Why a worker should avoid having expired/unfinished, skipped and removed jobs?

Expired, skipped and removed jobs can greatly affect your success rate and reputation. Having a high success rate and reputation can be achieved if all locked jobs are done completely and correctly. So we suggest you only lock jobs you know you are capable of finishing 😉

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