API Tutorial – Part III

Welcome to the final part of this tutorial series. In our previous post we have successfully grouped all newly inserted comments into one campaign, send it out and started it via the API. However, what we are still missing is the part where we retrieve the reviews and finally determine if we can publish or […]

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API Tutorial – Part II

In our last blog post of this tutorial series, we have successfully created a simple page where a user can leave a comment. However, in our scenario all new comments have to be reviewed before they are published. Instead of moderating these comments ourselves, we will use the Microworkers.com Workforce  to instead  do this for […]

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API Tutorial – Part I


Welcome back to the first coding part of our tutorial. Here, we will show you how to create a simple Website capable of accepting user comments. We have chosen to program this from scratch so that one may not necessarily need to have any insights of an existing System like WordPress for example. You can […]

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API Tutorial – Introduction


Welcome to our first tutorial! This will also will be the start of a whole series of blog posts regarding one of our new major features in the Beta Platform – the API. The API allows you to automatically create campaigns, rate tasks, add worker to groups and much more. This is all done via […]

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