MW Default Templates for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Campaign Projects

Since we are now in an era of machines and computers, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or also known as Machine Intelligence, is being recognized and embraced by companies and consumers. Artificial Intelligence aims to simulate human intelligence and can perform jobs faster.

With the vast number of AI projects, Microworkers came up with these default AI-centric templates ideal for your tasks, to ease your work in creating a campaign. These templates can be edited/updated to fit your campaign requirements.


Chatbot messages are encountered in our daily online activities. If you are using Facebook, you are likely to have experienced Chatbot or Messenger Bot and responses. If you want to perform online banking transactions, Chatbot messages are certainly to be faced.

This template is designed to provide paraphrases from workers’ ideas. Creating or improving your Chatbot messages can be best achieved using this template. Keywords are given so workers can supply their best paraphrase suggestions. Keywords can be presented using a CSV file so each worker can be assigned with unique keywords. Instructions may be modified or edited by utilizing the “Clone” or “Edit” button.


Contrary to the first template above, this one requires Chatbot Questions from workers. It’s a smart idea to collect questions from people so you may list down the most possible questions that may be lift out in your website.

This template can gather Chatbot questions from your specified topics. As an advantage, you can apply our Unique Answers feature to this template to prevent multiple similar questions submitted by the workers.


As the template name implies, this campaign converts Robot commands to natural dialogues. It’s not new to us that our millennium robots and machines can already recognize contextual commands. However, millennial robots and machines are still limited in what they can understand and do due to so many similar dialogues leading to inability to understand clearly.

With this template, you can collect natural conversations from workers (human intelligence) to incorporate into robot’s programming. Unique Answers feature can also be applied in this type of campaign.


Insurance websites or any HMO companies have developed their Help Support using Artificial Intelligence too. With the use of their LiveChat support, clients can already ask inquiries online with ease.

In preparation for the questions that may be raised, this template can help you collect possible inquiries of clients and counselors so you can ready all the necessary responses.

More AI default templates will be posted in our upcoming blog article so stay tuned 😉

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