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One way to get tasks done quickly when engaged in a project that involves the need for counting objects, is to have such counting tasks crowdsourced. Let’s say, for example, you have piles of several items in your warehouse and need to keep an inventory on these items, but you lack personnel to perform the individual manual counting, you can opt to take photos of the items, and upload them to Microworkers, to get people to do the counting for you behalf.

This is an example of a Warehouse Inventory Project you can easily put together in Microworkers-TTV using several of our default templates:


Here, you can see that the Worker is asked to categorize the objects in the image (whether it is Electrical, Plumbing, or Building Material).  Then, they will be made to count the actual number of items (in this example, steel pipes) and submit the count in the form provided.


Below are several of our default templates you can find in your accounts page that can easily be customized to suit the above-requirements:

☞ Please feel free to explore other available default templates.


Image processing has many industrial, scientific, health, surveillance, security, and military applications. The computer has a lot of limitations at counting objects from images especially if some of these objects are partially hidden behind other objects. Human judgment can work best for such requirements.

The above-approach can work great for similar projects.

Few examples include:

Count the number of logs from a pile:


Count the number of male participants in a Business Meeting:


Count the number of female runners from the image:


Count the number of (1) Cars; (2) Motorbikes; and (3) Bicycles from this image:


And many more, like:
☞ Counting the number of Red Pieces from a Stack of Lego
☞ Count the number of folded towels from the display rack
☞ Count the number of (1) Adult male; (2) Adult female crossing the street
☞ Count the number of white balloons released


Your list of Image URLs and product URLs can be placed in a CSV, and then attached to the campaign. You can choose how data from CSV is displayed to Workers (in order or randomly)

☞ Steps on setting up your CSV file is available here:


I would personally suggest using Hiregroup section for this type of campaign. With the minimum number of participants allowed per campaign, you will have better control over the outcome. Using Hiregroup section to be able to target specific group to exclusively work on your campaign versus the general population

Suggested groups:

MW: Best Rated Countries (4543 current members)

MW: Data Services (1224 current members)

MW: Top Performers (2172 current members)

☞ Feel free to explore other available groups or create your own group from our pool where you may sort Workers according to their country.


If applicable, you may utilize our “Multiple Workers In One Task” feature to allow 3 Workers to transcribe each image.

When 100 images are available, with intention to allow 3 Workers to work on the same image; totaling to 300 opened positions:

This is a great way to obtain comparison of answers which is an effective way to collect the best result.

☞ Concept:
When majority answered “x”, it is more likely that “x” is the correct answer.Optionally, you may assign them unlimited positions (works best for data Services group).


☞ Optionally, you may assign them unlimited positions (works best when choosing Expert Group like the Data Services group).


☞ Of course if your requirements call for your campaign to be launched under Basic Jobs, you may do so as well.

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