Controlling a Campaign’s Speed

Here is the scenario: You want 30 positions to be spread out for one hour. But you don’t want the positions to be filled all at once.

With so many active Workers, controlling the speed can be challenging. We have a few tips to slow down your campaign, but we cannot guarantee that there will be intervals in between positions.

  1. Set Speed to 2 – 10. This may slow down the campaign a bit. This means that there is a risk that positions can be filled within minutes, or separately within the hour, depending on the selected zone.
  2. Exclude some countries. Limit the number of Workers involved to slow down your campaign. Remember, the more active Workers there are, the faster positions are filled. You may utilize Retarget feature:
  3. Add few positions per period of time manually. For example, you may set 3 positions initially then add more positions every now and then to control the campaign flow.
  4. Use API to set certain number of positions per hour. We have API you can automate to add positions whenever you want.

Example: You want 3 positions per hour. All you have to do is call API either once per hour and add 3 positions OR call it 3 times per hour and add 1 position at time.

There is no minute/hour equivalent for Speed. You can combine the first three suggestions to really slow down your campaign if you don’t want to use API.

Now, what if you are aiming for fast results? Here are a few tips:

  1. Set Speed to 1000. Setting your speed to the maximum will help you get your job completed quickly.
  2. Set QT to Optional. This allows your campaign to be available to both Qualifications Test and English Proficiency Test passers. For more information about QT, you may visit this article:
  3. Do not exclude any country.
  4. Restart your campaign. Old campaigns tend to go down the jobs list and gets less participation. You may Restart your campaign as often as you want to put it back on top of the list.


For delay in starting your campaign, you may visit this article:

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