Why Choose Microworkers?

There are many  crowdsourcing websites out there but why choose us? Here are some of the reasons why:

 1. We care.

We manually review campaigns, so we know what is good for you. Our common goal is for your campaign to be successful that is why we offer suggestions on how to make it work or make it more appealing to Workers . For example, some campaigns have better results if submitted under a different zone or a different pre-defined group. Sometimes we suggest that offering a bonus or higher cost can make the campaign go faster.

2. We act fast.

Our  Auto Approve feature allows a campaign to be approved ASAP while Auto Restart allows the campaign to be restarted every hour automatically. This means your campaign moves to the top of  the Jobs list and has no time to be idle for long. We also have Auto Refill wherein the number of positions is refilled once the first batch is completed. No need to submit for restart. As for Task Rating, it can be tedious but if you try to use our Auto Rate feature, we can get the rating done in no time. All you need is a Test Case.

3. You get to pick your Favorite Workers.

Yes, we admit that there are Workers who simply get the job done but there are those who excel at it. Surely you would want to hire these Chosen Ones back. We make it easy for you by letting you add them to your Favorite group just with a click of a button.

4. You have control over your campaign.

How so?

  1. You can choose your own campaign speed before launching the camp (“0” super slow – “1000” super fast).
  2. Set specific number of positions to be finished per day. For example, you can distribute 100 positions in 10 days by using Max Job Per Day feature.
  3. Choose your zone. Some countries might not be suitable for the page you are promoting, so we have the Retarget feature to help you select a different country but only in the same zone.

 5. We have qualified Workers.

When we say “qualified”, this means that they passed the qualification/admission test. So in setting up your campaign, you can leave the QT is Optional unchecked to display your campaign only to these Workers. But wait! There are Workers who might not be very good in English but they excel in other languages and tasks. These are the Workers who passed the second test. So if your task is relatively easy and you want it finished quickly, ticking the QT is Optional will display your campaign to these workers too.

So if you have a website, blog, app, product  or account you wish to promote, Sign us up for the task

(pun intended 😁).

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