Submitting Proofs for your External Campaign

When utilizing External Template for your campaign, you have two options for submitting proof:


1) Using API

using PUT data:

The value of ‘type’ can be ‘B’ or ‘HG’ (Campaign type).

Please refer to this Documentation for Submit Proof using API in External Campaign:

Submit Proof using API

2) Using Submit Proof URL

using URL:<CampaignId>/<CampaignType>

The value of ‘CampaignType’ can be ‘B’ or ‘HG’ (Basic Campaign or Hiregroup Campaign).


Example URL for Basic Campaign:

Example URL for Hiregroup Campaign:

When laying out your campaign using external template, make sure you are passing campaign ID on submitProof URL to ensure proofs are submitted.

Please refer to this Documentation of Submit Proof URL For External Campaign:

Submit Proof URL


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