Creating External Campaign from API

When your custom tasks do not fit the provided Templates under Microworkers TTV, you may host an External Campaign that direct Workers to your own webpage (containing your tasks/questions) via an iframe in the Worker’s DoTask page. This allows the Worker to complete tasks/submit answers directly to your form, then send the results back to Microworkers.

The Microworkers API provides a means for doing this through their External Campaign Structure. Here’s how


☞ Get campaign info

API Documentation

☞ Submit proof

When the Worker submits your task, your form sends the data to Microworkers using API or an External Submit URL

☞ Get rate tasks info

Depending on the list of tasks you intend to obtain, you may choose to:

✔ Get List of tasks submitted by Worker – API Documentation
✔ Get task info by task ID – API Documentation
✔ Get multiple tasks details using pagination – API Documentation

☞ Rate tasks

When hosting external questions in your Microworkers campaign, you may utilize any of the 2 methods to rate tasks:

✔ Individually – API Documentation
✔ Mass Rating (multiple tasks at a time) – API Documentation

Please find API Documentation for External Question Campaign here.


You may read our previous post on External Template for additional information.



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