What’s New in Microworkers: Template Test & Verification is Finally Here!

TTV (Template Test & Verification) has officially launched !!!

Our new program is packed with tons of huge features that makes campaign creation for Employers easy and quick while ensuring that they achieve the exact results expected. With its major Template Creation feature, Employers can save time when creating campaigns. Templates can be cloned or edited, instead of creating new template from scratch – really useful when launching several campaigns with just minor differences on data/content.

Is your Account API-Enabled ?

Before you can run campaigns on TTV, note that you may login only if your API function is enabled and not locked to IP. You may check form this page ( https://microworkers.com/account.php )  it is API is enabled for you. If it is not enabled, you may send request to MW administrator to turn on API for your account, you can do this from the Support page.

***Note that this feature is only for Employers who wish to run template-supported projects. If you are using Microworkers as a Worker, you do not need to have your API-enabled as TTV jobs will still be available for you.

But here’s a quick view of the amazing features that await you:

Task verification & rating Process:

TASK (PASS/FAIL) (By System) –> REVIEW (By Admin) –> RATE (By Employer)

First, tasks undergo system verification according to pre-set conditions by Employer during campaign submission. Second, tasks undergo Manual Verification by Microworkers admin. Finally, Employer rates all verified tasks.

Thus, once the tasks land on the Employers’ page, they are considered verified both by the system and Microworkers admin.

Multiple Rating Options, Results in CSV

Individual task rating and Mass task rating options available upon approving submissions.


You may also check our earlier post to have insight on its features.

Below is a list of video tutorials and illustrations on the different TTV processes:

Creating Templates:

Rich Text Editor
Cloning a Template / Template for Image Categorization
Translation Task Template
Transcription Task Template
Image/Product Tagging template
Survey Task Template
Image Tagging

Creating Campaigns:

Translation Campaign
Transcription Campaign
Assigning Multiple Positions to Worker
Managing Pre-defined Answers
Updating Sample CSV

On Rating Tasks:

Task Rating Options
Individual Task Rating
Mass Task Rating

Worker Tasks:

Categorization of Images, Captcha
Translation Task (Multiple Positions)
Search Task with Captcha
Transcription Task
Transcription Task (Multiple Positions)
Image Tagging

More videos will be uploaded in the coming days!

This page contains a list of all Video Tutorials and will be constantly updated as we upload more instructional materials 🙂

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