TTV Tutorials

This page lists all Tutorial Videos to help you get around your TTV account. From creating templates, updating them, using the same in running your projects, adding captcha, to Task Rating, you will find them all below.

Should you want to suggest additional videos, send us a Support Ticket.

Note that this list will be updated constantly as new Videos will be uploaded.


Creating Templates:

Rich Text Editor
Cloning a Template / Template for Image Categorization
Translation Task Template
Transcription Task Template
Image/Product Tagging template
Survey Task Template
Image Tagging
Image Tagging 2 (Basic)
Image Rating
Image Transcription
Data Collection

Creating Campaigns:

Translation Campaign
Transcription Campaign
Assigning Multiple Positions to Worker
Managing Pre-defined Answers
Updating Sample CSV
Image Tagging – Basic
Image Rating
Image Transcription
Data Collection


On Rating Tasks:

Task Rating Options
Individual Task Rating
Mass Task Rating


Worker Tasks:

Categorization of Images, Captcha
Translation Task (Multiple Positions)
Search Task with Captcha
Transcription Task
Transcription Task (Multiple Positions)
Image Tagging

(To improve viewing, please adjust video resolution setting on the bottom right of the page and set to 720p)

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