Auto-Approval of TTV Campaigns

Great News to Employers!

You can now have your TTV campaigns auto-approved by the system and bypass the manual review. This will allow your campaigns to be automatically launched after submission.


In order for the system to allow your TTV campaigns to go under auto-approve, the following criteria must be met:


Total deposit of $ 1,000
☞ Previous campaigns not falling below 75% success rate
☞ SMS-verification


For new Employers who have made over $ 1,000 deposit, only after completing a campaign with over 75% success rate will allow the system to put your account under review and approval for Auto-approve.



If you have met the above-requirements and would like a review to be performed on your account and previous campaign performances, you may open a support ticket with the ff subject:

Request for Review for Auto- Approve

*This applies to TTV campaigns only

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