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And since we wanted to reach out to our users to provide them with quality service they deserve, we are simply allowing them to be notified with all the updates and inform them with new jobs available. The best way to get our users to engage and keep updated is through letting them to Subscribe to our Newsletter and Email Notifications. This is our way to communicate rapidly and efficiently to them.

For our New Users (Employers and Workers):

Upon account creation, you are permitted whether to be notified by us via email notifications or not. For our new Employers, you have the option to Subscribe to receive Newsletter and API updates. And for our new Workers, you have the right to choose whether to get notified with Newsletter as well and Featured Tasks.

For our Old Users (Employers and Workers):

By default, you are already subscribed to our email notifications. You may opt-out for the Subscription anytime you deside.

Subscription Notification Inclusions:

a. For our Employers

  • Newsletter

Subscribers will receive email notifications about the following:

⇒ MW new features

⇒ Website changes

⇒ News/Announcements about MW

⇒ Fee changes

⇒ New deposit methods

  • API Updates

Subscribers will be notified about the following topics:

⇒ Updates on New API endpoints

⇒ Changes in existing API endpoints

⇒ Deprecation


b. For our Workers:

  • Newsletter

Subscribers will be notified about information and updates on the following:

⇒ MW new features

⇒ Website changes

⇒ News/Announcements about MW

⇒ New withdrawal methods

⇒ Helpful tips concerning your work on MW

  • Featured Tasks

Subscribers will receive email notifications about the following:

⇒ New jobs targeting your country/zone

⇒ Special jobs you are qualified to take

Why Is It Important To Subscribe?

As an Employer:

Our way of disseminating important information quickly is through our Newsletter. Be more connected and engaged with us by subscribing to our Newsletter! Take advantage of the valuable information we provide concerning your business with us.

Strengthen your business with us by Subscribing to our API updates. Save time and effort by knowing the changes and updates regarding API.

As a Worker:

Our Newsletter is brief and informative. If you choose to subscribe, you will become more aware of all the developments and/or new features happening in MW. We are constantly working on new features and it’s an advantage if you will be the first one to know. You can work effectively if you are well informed about the new features.

Subscribing to our Featured Tasks has a bigger advantage. You will be informed right away of the new jobs that are available for you. The notification contains the direct link to the new job so it will be easier for you to access it immediately, no need to search for it in the Jobs list page. Featured Tasks also includes notification for special jobs exclusively targeting your country.

Bottom line advantage is it will bring in more passive income opportunities! 😉

If you decided to opt-out to your Subscriptions, you are free to do so by going to your Account page and click the “Configure” link under “Email Notifications” section.

It will then redirect you to this page where you can unsubscribe to the Email Notifications:

If you have any questions to raise, please feel free to contact us via this link. 😉

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