MW Things-To-Know: Display Tasks in Random, Collect Organized Results


Many of your campaigns may involve sensitive data you do not wish to expose to your Workers.

Let us say you have one document which you have broken down to several parts and want each part to be translated without the Workers determining the proper order of the data.

Microworkers have created a straightforward solution for such, allowing you to display your tasks in Random.

Simply set up your TTV campaign like usual, and on the “Upload Task Data” (step 3) page, on the section where you will upload your CSV, select “Random Order” option to display your CSV data to Workers in random.


This way you are ensured that the exact order of your data is not revealed.

***The Random Order function only applies to displaying of tasks. Results, once returned, are listed in its original CSV order.


Collecting results are done like all other campaigns. A downloadable copy of all submitted proofs (in CSV format) is available for every campaign. This contains all information necessary for you to verify and keep track of all needed data.


Even when selecting Random Order upon submitting your campaign, proofs are returned to your CSV in its original order, allowing you organize your results with ease.

Thus, in the above-scenario, translation of all sections are arranged in proper order, and having a translated version of the entire document is achieved as expected.  


This feature can be useful for several other applications like Transcription campaigns, Discussions, Exam-type of campaigns, Image-tagging, classification, etc…


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