Improve the Way You Get Paid This Holiday Season!

The holiday cheer is already here and at MicroWorkers we’re always looking out for ways to make it more enjoyable!

We know that saving money is exciting and welcomed as you head to the shops over the holidays, so we want to highlight a partner of ours who can help you do just that.

Want $50 to spend for the Holidays? Read below…


Payoneer is a payment provider who offers low cost and flexible payment solutions.

What does that mean? Well, when you decide how to receive your earnings from MicroWorkers, you can select Payoneer as an option.

Take a look below at the benefits of Payoneer, the different payments options and learn what the your next steps should be.

Payoneer Benefits

  • Greater Flexibility – choose to receive your funds in a way that best suits you
  • Faster Payments – receive your funds quickly to your chosen payment method
  • Lower Fees – avoid excessive transfer and conversion fees


Want $50 to spend for the Holidays? Here’s How…

> > > You can now get a $50 bonus when you Sign up to Payoneer between November 1st-30th < < <

Get your $50 after receiving at least $100 by February 28th 2017 through Payoneer.

It’s high time to work on more tasks and place your withdrawal via Payoneer to reach the $100 requirement!

If you haven’t Signed up to Payoneer, Sign up Now! Read on to know how to Register and avail of this Awesome Holiday Promotion!


Your Payment Options

With MicroWorkers you can choose between different payment options. They are:

Payoneer Account – receive funds to your Payoneer Account and then transfer them to your local bank account [or to your prepaid MasterCard card®] when needed

  • Get paid in your local currency
  • Avoid excessive transfer and conversion fees
  • Receive funds to your local bank account, as quickly as in 1 business day
  • Get access to receiving accounts in USD, GBP and EUR

Prepaid MasterCard® Card – multiple low-cost, secure ways to access your funds in minutes

  • Withdraw cash from ATMs supporting MasterCard®
  • Spend funds in stores or online
  • Transfer funds from your card to your local bank account
  • Funds available on your card within minutes


Next Steps

What are you waiting for? To get going, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to Microworkers Account > Click on “Payments”
  2. Choose Payoneer
  3. Follow the registration flow and start getting paid!






Dear Concern,

I want to know, Can I withdraw my money from Micro workers to Payoneer to Local Bank in BD. If possible please let us know what are the process and cost involve. Thanks



Will Microworkers be the ones to give the $50?

If I transfer $100 to my Payoneer account in one transaction, will I receive my $50 instantly?

If not, how long does it take to receive the $50?



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