Help Test a Software and Earn: New Project for US microWorkers

This week, we have a short-term opportunity for microWorkers in United States who own identity documents (driver’s license, etc). These projects involve taking a high quality picture of your ID and upload it in a platform to allow it to be used by IDscan for the sole purpose of training its software to recognize new documents.


What one must know about :

IDscan Biometrics Ltd
is a London-based company dedicated solely on providing Artificial Intelligence and Identity Solutions, and is recognised by Deloitte as one of the top 500 fastest growing tech companies in Europe in 2015. Its main product is its software that help businesses identify documents and assess whether they are genuine or fraudulent.

Its service is used mostly for ID scanning, identity verification and passport authentication by clients accross the globe who are performing millions of ID scans on a monthly basis, and in need of high security ID verification. Their service help businesses save time by making possible faster and more convenient checkout processes. At the same time their clients’ businesses are protected knowing the person they’re doing business with is who they say they are.

 is one of the major divisions of GBG, a leading global technology company that supports corporate clients in addressing major Internet-related challenges involving  validation and authentication of identity documents. Learn more about GBG here.


What one must know about the project:

These will be one of several projects of similar nature. Identical projects involving other documents will also be launched.

For this initial projects (see both jobs here and here) only drivers licenses whose details matching that of their  account will be accepted.

Approximately six (6) projects will be initially launched.

☞ Using a phone, one is required to take a photo of their Driver’s License (back and front) using specific guidelines (provided in the project) to ensure your image is of sufficient quality.

☞ A consent form will be signed by each participant, allowing Idscan to use your image for the sole purpose of training its software. , in turn, guarantees to keep your submitted image strictly confidential, and only to be used for the designated purpose.

Note that in order to ensure the privacy and security of your documents, required images will be uploaded directly to IDscan’s system.


Objectives of the project:

Idscan is in the process of expanding the coverage of documents it includes in its service. This project is intended to train software to recognize new documents.



The payout for successfully providing the (1) consent form; (2) front picture; (3) back picture of the required ID taken via phone is $12. A bonus of $8 will be awarded to those to those that, besides providing the phone-captured images, will also provide a scanned copy (using a flatbed scanner) of the same document (Back and front).


Work on 1st IDscan task now
Work on 2nd IDscan task now


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