What’s New in MW: TTV Editor Upgrade

Today, Microworkers upgraded TTV editor, now displaying bootstrap styles. This allows you to create nice templates with different font sizes, create more organized tables, alerts boxes, nice form elements and many more.


Below are examples of the different things you can do with your TTV template versus its older form:



This template displays 2 sections on top, 3 section at the bottom, and a few added examples of what our upgraded template can do.

template image1


This tutorial and documentation page are very useful in helping you learn and get around CSS bootstrap framework.


Updates on TTV Editor is still ongoing. Soon you will be able to use buttons in editor instead of HTML source to add elements to your template.

There are several places online that has a lot of bootstrap themes to choose from. All utilize same classes and tags, with only theme varying. Thus, if you want to switch between themes, there is no need to change template, you simply have to change/switch the theme.

After all updates are rolled in, hopefully you will soon be able to upload your bootstrap themes. That way, you can customize your task pages and maintain your branding.


More updates are on the way – – – stay tuned!

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