What’s New in MW: Onto Bonus Program

Keeping pace with the Blockchain technology is crucial in order for a marketplace to make it comparably efficient. We are thrilled to announce that Microworkers is partnering with Ontology to keep up with the technology in securing identity and reputation data and accelerate payments. That is to say, MW will use ONT (cryptocurrency token)  to make prompt and low-fee payments to our users. Our Workers as well as Employers will be able to use their ONTO wallet (digital wallet application) to receive and send crypto payments.

Having said, as a preliminary introduction, we have launched the ONTO Bonus Program where it lets you earn up to $5 in rewards when you use ONTO!

Bonus Policy:

⇒ You need to download and install the Onto Wallet app, create a wallet account and ensure to link it to your MW account. You will be rewarded with 5 ONT.

⇒ Place a withdrawal. You will receive 1 ONT per successful withdrawal. Your MW account should be linked to your ONTO wallet to receive the reward.

How to Get the Bonus:

☞ First, download the ONTO application and create a wallet account by following the instruction within the application. Access the NPay service within the app after successful creation of your wallet account.



☞ After that, scan the QR code in the MW withdraw Ontology page by using the ‘Scan QR Code’ option to link the wallet account to your Microworkers account.


☞ To withdraw the Bonus, access the NPay service from the wallet’s main page.

☞ At this point, you should be able to see the bonus under ‘Available Balance’ along with your wallet name. The displayed amount can be withdrawn from the NPay service to your wallet account by selecting the ‘Withdraw’ option.

☞ Select the ‘Withdraw’ option and enter the amount that you wish to withdraw to your wallet account.

☞ After selecting the ‘next’ option at the bottom, the amount will be transferred to your wallet account shortly.

☞ Lastly, once the transfer is completed, the withdrawn amount can be viewed under the ‘Tokens’ option in the ‘Assets’ section that can be accessed by selecting the middle option in the navigation bar at the bottom. The ONT balance will be updated.

Now you can use this wallet as payment or exchange it to other digital wallets such as Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.

About Ontology:

Ontology is a next generation network of public blockchains and a trust-based collaboration platform. Apart from providing support for the services and applications running on its public chains, Ontology also supports the public chains of the applications that have been developed on it’s framework, and collaboration with various protocol groups.

**For more information regarding the ONT token and its potential uses, please visit this link.

Have questions regarding ONTO Bonus? You can email [email protected] for any further questions.

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