What’s New in Microworkers: HG Lock Task API


Creating a campaign under “Hire Group” allows you to set the maximum positions a Worker can accept and how many minutes they should complete the job.




When a Worker starts working on the job, we lock one position to that Worker according to the number of minutes specified in the ‘Create HG Campaign’ page. Thus, the Worker must complete the task and submit proof before the job expires (allotted minutes run out).


We just released a Task Lock API function you will find very useful in running your HG Campaigns with more than one “Max positions a Worker can accept.”


Using the lock_task API together with the submit_proof API, the Worker doesn’t have to come back to your campaign page to fetch more positions. If he is allowed up to 10 positions, he simply have to grab the first position, complete the first task, and then stay on the same page to perform the next 9 jobs allotted for him.



Here is an example.

  • Worker opened HG Job with link to your Website, e.g. http://your_website.com/task_page?worker_id=12345&campaign_id=abc123456&random_key=12345
  • Worker did a task on your website and you submitted proof via API
  • /campaign_hg/submit_proof returned successful response and extra_positions parameter (see API documentation page here)
  • If extra_positions is bigger than zero, you may show “Do another task” button on your website to Worker, so they don’t need to go back to Microworkers website to get a new link to the task on your website
  • When worker clicked “Do another task” you do /campaign_hg/lock_task request (see API documentation page here) and if it is successful, you get new random_key for that worker, e.g. 54321
  • You redirect W to http://your_website.com/task_page?worker_id=12345&campaign_id=abc123456&random_key=54321
  • Worker will do second task…


API /campaign_hg/lock_task/  documentation page can be found here:


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