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Before we begin our first article, we would like to take a moment to say ‘Thank You’ to all of you. Your participation has helped establish Microworkers as an exciting collaborative platform for both Employers and Workers. Your active involvement as Employer or Worker has allowed us to develop Microworkers into a truly unique marketplace in the emerging microwork/crowdsourcing industry. We greatly appreciate your patronage over these last three years.

We wish to give special recognition and warmest appreciation to all the Employers who have so far created nearly 10 million micro jobs to more than 400,000 Workers worldwide. The growth of Microworkers over time is largely attributed to your participation. More importantly, with the world population surpassing 7 billion, and with more than 4 billion making less than $2 per day (according to Worldbank statistics), the jobs you created have provided countless opportunities, each contributing in helping change the world in different ways.

We also want everyone to know how important it is for us to be able to continue improving the Microworkers experience. We have received many thoughtful suggestions that will help Microworkers become even more robust and user-friendly. Our coders and developers are continuously developing platform improvements, many of them based on your suggestions. While this work continues, we do appreciate your patience with us. In the coming months, we will be posting updates on these improvements along with their important details.

Watch out for our future posts. And, once again, our sincerest thanks to all of you.


Bhmsen Bhattarai

We hope new change. We would like to see different tasks. Like Adobe works, some Microsoft office works and many more survey.


Good! I am happy to see that you are willing to improve your unique system! Keep it up, full support from me!


Yaahhh, Very Good News! I am happy to see that you are willing to improve and adding new option on your unique system! we are with you.

Syed Ashraful Hoq

Very Good news. It’s very good news, we want lot of yahoo answers work,


Very Nice

Md. Masud Parvage

Every change is a challenge to discover ourselves. But this change should be positive and I believe it’ll be very helpful to us. Because Microworkers is a great platform to earn with learning process. After a long time I came back here and I recommend to add the Payza payment option once again specially for the South Asian workers.


Happy to write my views here for easy timely completion of twitter-retweet jobs. within a very short period, I think nearly 15 days, all the service providers are restricted to work only 3 jobs in this ‘retweet’ category for 24 hrs. After 24 hrs only we have to attend the retweet jobs. This would lead to the late completion of the jobs and dis satisfaction of the employers. If the worker has done more same jobs for various employers and various retweets, the jobs would be completed soon at the same time the employer will be happy on timely completion of his work and will get benefit. Please reconsider about retweet jobs for more than three jobs in one day as in the previous days.

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