Welcome to 2020!

Joyful greetings! Happy New Year from the Microworkers team!

As we welcome the year 2020, we take this opportunity to bestow our warmest gratitude to our Workers and Employers who made MW one of the leading crowdsourcing websites in the face of online platforms.

To our microWorkers who have been the life force of MW, a big THANK YOU for your contribution in providing accurate and quality work! And to our Employers who have been the center of our platform, our heartfelt gratitude for choosing us in giving solutions to your projects!

As the year ends, we welcome another year of new ideas and goals. Every new year brings about a sense of optimism for what the coming year has to offer. And this year, we are very positive in giving our users a more user-friendly, healthy and resourceful marketplace!

To our microWorkers and Employers, let’s all welcome and embrace the new year with a blast! Cheers to a more successful year! 🙂 😉


Md Mofazzal Hossain

Dear Sir,
Happy new year!! We are very greatful to you for such kind of online freelancing platform. I am a worker of this microworking site from Bangladesh. Since 2 or 3 years we are not getting Basic Tasks which are the main source for incoming. For this reason Bangladeshi workers of this side is reducing day by day. In Basic Task section we are getting few Basic Task which are not actually Basic Tasks like prior. We will be very greatful to you if you solve this problem for our country.

Thank You.

Carlos José romero lara

Gracias espero dar el 100%

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