Specialized Workers for Your Specialized Jobs

Running specialized jobs in Microworkers has never been more convenient with the Microworkers Pre-defined Groups.

Some tasks require particular knowledge, skills and experience to complete, thus making the project available to the general population is not a good option and will not bring in the expected results.

Though Employers are allowed to handpick Workers and even put them in groups under Hiregroup, not all of them really have the time and resources to identify which Workers can deliver the job needed.


Microworkers have pre-defined groups readily available for Employers who wishes to target Workers in specific locations. Now, they’ve launched Pre-defined Groups for Specialized Skills.

Let us see how you can utilize these groups for your future projects:


Data Services Group

Before being a member of Data Services specialized group, each Worker underwent our specialized qualification test which best determines if a Worker is skilled enough to adequately recognize and respond to variety of demands in the particular field. You can refer to this link for more details concerning Data Services Qualification test that is being conducted.

Data Services group is made up of Workers who are basically experienced in:

☞ Organizing your data entries, products, media etc
☞ Doing all types of transcription tasks such as image, video and similar
☞ Capturing, updating and verifying data for online directories or a marketplace
☞ Searching and verifying information on the web (data mining) regarding your product/service/app, etc

Examples of jobs you can assign to this group are as follows:

☞ Search for business competitors within your area
☞ Search for products with similar or lower price than your offer
☞ Review a document and extract/list all mentioned product/keyword/name/information
☞ Segregate information from a provided file
☞ Search a particular Service in an area and obtain their contact information (Office addres, Phone number, email address)

☞ Watch a provided video clip and obtain information from such


Whether it’s App testing, Mobile game testing, or any task involving the use of iPhone or Android device, this is the right group to use.

Oftentimes we need feedback from the Workers after having our apps/games tested. When making such requests, please ensure to have read the platform’s Campaign Guidelines to know whether your request is within the program’s TOS. You may also read this blogpost to be well-guided.


Writers Group


This is obvious. When in need of writing tasks, it’s best to use this group. Unique, useful and well-written content can only be obtained from talented, experienced Writers. Microworkers have put together all Workers who performed well and received high rating in previous writing tasks and placed them in this one special group to accomodate your requests for Writing Jobs.

Note that each Writer have their specialized Niche, or language expertise. It is best to specify your requirements when listing your campaign to only obtain participation from those who best fit your task.


☞ This job is for Writers who specialize in Sports Writing. Otherwise, please skip this task.
☞ This is a copywriting job. Only accept this task if you have experience on Copywriting.
☞ I am in need of Indonesian Writers. Only proceed with this task if you are a native Bahasan speaker.



Workers in this group own websites or blogs with Pageranks ranging from PR1 – PR10 and are experienced in creating keyword-rich posts. If any of your task requirements is similar to the below examples, you should give this group a try:

☞ PR3 Blogs/Websites: Create 100 Words blogpost and a backlink to your new product
☞ PR1 Blogs/Websites: Create 50 Words blogpost and a backlink to your Android App
☞ PR5 Blogs/Websites: Create 300 Words blogpost and a backlink to your new own website

Complex tasks require experienced Workers who have performed the same job in the past. By assigning your specialized tasks to any of the above Pre-defined Groups, you will generate the expected results on your campaign and will save plenty of time from having to eliminate unwanted submissions.


Note that all Pre-defined Groups are only available under Hiregroup. Annoncements will be made when additional Pre-defined groups are launched.



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