New Job Opportunity for Japanese Transcribers

Hello, job seekers! We have an engaging job for you! If you have the ability to write in Japanese, this forthcoming job opportunity is well-fitted for you!

This project involves transcription of Japanese text from images. All you have to do is to transcribe the given images to text. Just type in exactly what you see in the given pictures. Translating the text is not needed. Simple, right?

Below is the sample of this job:

However, before you can perform the task, you need to pass our Qualification Test. Passing the Qualification Test ensures your ability to write in Japanese.

When taking the Qualification Test, please take note of the following important things to remember:

Any nationality is permissible. As long as you can write in Japanese accurately, you are fitted to take the test.

⇒ Only one (1) chance is given for you to take the test.

⇒ Skipping the test will not grant you another chance/slot.

⇒ Assuming that you ran out of time or the time has expired before submitting the test, it will no longer be available for you.

⇒ Most importantly, once you passed the test, you will be included in the exclusive group where you will be working on huge number of similar tasks!

Interested? Access the test via this link Qualification Test

Not yet a microWorker? Sign up here. Qualify and earn from this project!

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