More New Default Templates

Providing you with more default templates is our way of extending our help to ease your job in template creation. These default templates can be edited and/or updated to match your campaign requirements.

We have created 14 more templates and here they are:

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  1. Image Annotation – Hair Segmentation

If your campaign requires outlining the hair of a certain image, this should be the template to use! A JavaScript template where workers are required to emphasize the hair of a given photo by drawing a polygon or nodes. You can just update the instruction, if necessary, and upload your images through a CSV file.

       2. Image Annotation – Facial Spots Detection

Annotating the facial imperfections such as pimples or zits and red/brown spots of an image is perfectly done through this template! Another JavaScript template where annotation can be done through drafting a rectangular boundary in the spotted zit or red/brown spots. Boundaries can be resized by adjusting the “Resize” slider left or right.

      3. Product Tagging – Open Fridge Inventory

This template is perfect for inventory campaigns. Let the workers categorize the products and/or the brands seen in the open fridge image. This is also ideal for cupboards and pantries inventories.

4. Industry Tagging – Businesses

Categorize each website as to what business industry they are in. This template uses a Spreadsheet layout for easy reference. An Industry Dictionary is provided for worker’s guide in categorizing each website.

5. Image Categorization: Product Properties

This template is useful for campaigns in need of classifying a product style. Know if the wardrobe is suitable only for a specific gender. You may modify the default categorization in the “Fill In” field.

6. Transcribe Postcard Content

Transcribe, categorize and describe Postcards are the main purposes of this template. Transcription is made easy using the zoom feature of the postcard image. Just hover your mouse over the postcard to zoom in so you can have a better view of its text.

7. Questions & Answers

This template is useful for travel and history documentaries to point out important information and events. Template includes a provided documentary of a certain country, place, or history and respondents need to provide five (5) Questions with the given correct answers and keywords.

8. Take a Survey: Preferences (Dynamic – 10 pages)

Compared to our previous Survey templates, this one contains 10 dynamic pages presented in an Accordion and Collapse function. This Survey template focuses on products the consumers prefer. Template also contains rating/ranking of given product brands.

9. Microworkers Surveys: Demographics Survey

This type of Survey template extracts the population’s socioeconomic status, needs and interests. Basic questions such as Country, Ethnicity, Marital status, Employment status, etc. are being asked in this survey to visualize potential target market in an area.

10. Microworkers Surveys: Technical Documentation Survey/Feedback

This Survey template focuses on gathering feedback from respondents regarding technical documentation. Ranking your documentation is one of the questions included in this Survey.

11. Microworkers Surveys: Product/Brand Awareness Feedback

Want to know how popular your product/brand is? Survey questions for product awareness are being raised here which can be essential for your marketing strategies. You may choose to add or modify the questions to fit your survey requirements. Questions are simply laid out and answers are presented in multiple choice using radio buttons and chekbox.

12. Microworkers Surveys: Product Use Satisfaction Survey

How satisfied the consumers are with your product? This template answers all the possible questions you want to ask on how the public responds to your product.

13. Microworkers Surveys: Customer Satisfaction Survey -Service

How likely are the customers to recommend your service? This template is created mainly for this purpose. Respondents will be asked to rate the type of your service from Satisfied to Dissatisfied or Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.

14. Microworkers Surveys: Customer Satisfaction Survey -Product

This template is created as a multiple choice questionnaire to specifically describe, if not criticize, the public’s response to a product. Questions pertaining to its quality, affordability, frequency of use and comparison to other products of same category can be seen in this template.

More Default templates can be seen here.

We are always happy to help should you be needing help in using one of our default templates. Just contact us here and we will assist you accordingly.

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