Microworkers Things-To-Know: Qualification Tests

One thing that pretty much every Microworker will come across sooner or later are qualification tests.  These are tests set by Employers and are generally a way for them to best identify the most qualified participants, before finally assigning their specialized tasks.

Microworkers just rolled in the Qualification Test category which now allow Employers to do such.


Here are a few things to know about Qualification Tests:


☞ Qualification tests are great tools to use to be able to properly assign your projects that require specific skills to complete.

☞ Qualification test is a useful approach in trying to find the Workers who have the qualities or skills you require for your specialized tasks.

☞ Just like in other categories, you can:

Create TTV template for your Qualification exam
Upload variable questions and answers
Upload test cases for your Qualification exam

☞ But under Qualification Tests category, you can also:

Set Complexity Level for each question


Set Minimum Success Rate (%) for tasks to be approved by the system



Formula to calculate success rate score:

Max = Q1 complexity * 1 + Q2 complexity * 1

Got = Q1 complexity * correct answer + Q2 complexity * correct answer

Success Rate = Got * 100 / Max


To have an idea how this added feature is best used, let us take a 2-question test as an example.



1st question has complexity of 1 and the 2nd question has complexity of 10.
Success rate was set to 75%


1st question was answered incorrectly, while 2nd question is correct.


☞Since Max = Q1 complexity * 1 + Q2 complexity * 1

It will be:
Max = 1 * 1 + 10 * 1 = 11

☞Since Got = Q1 complexity * correct answer + Q2 complexity * correct answer

It will be:
Got = 1 * 0 + 10 * 1 = 10

☞Since Success Rate = Got * 100 / Max

It will be:
Success Rate = 10 * 100 / 11 = 90.91 %

At 75% minimum Success Rate set, 90.91% is considered passed !!!!

Like all campaigns, a downloadable CSV report is available. This will contain the Success Rate (%) for each task under the Qualification category.



☞ You will get better chances at getting hired by taking qualification tests

☞ What do the tests involve?

There is no specific answer to this question as there are numerous types of qualification tests to be put forth by Employers.  It all depends on which skills or attributes the Employer is looking for.  In most cases, the test will reflect this in the form it takes.  For example, if the Employer wants to assess your English language skills, you might be given a set of sentences and be asked to judge which ones are grammatically correct. If the Employer wants to test your transcription skills, you might be given a quick video to transcribe.

Some tests may be just as simple as pressing a button, ticking boxes, or answering a yes/no question.  These survey-type of tests are usually ran when Employers are searching for specific profiles to fit their future jobs. Thus, some tests will also disallow you from certain jobs for things that you can’t control, such as location, age, gender, etc…

Other qualification tests can involve elaborate tasks, are difficult and may be time-consuming.  But passing them gets you better chances of being assigned with more tasks in the future by the Employer.

☞ Only take tests you believe you are qualified. Don’t take a test if you clearly don’t fit the criteria.  If the test involves translating text into Chinese and you don’t speak Chinese, then common sense dictates it isn’t worth taking.

☞ The advantage of taking qualification tests is that if you succeed, they can open the door to you doing more and better paid Jobs.





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