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During the past few years, our Microworkers.com platform has undergone significant changes. We received a lot of feedback from our employers and workers on how to improve our system. This resulted in new features and the modification of existing ones, always with the goal to provide our users the best service possible.

Right now it is again time for a major update of Microworkers. However, this time there are not only a few new features but a completely renewed platform! It includes all the well-known functionalities of the current Microworkers.com and it is as easy to use. But still it is more flexible by providing more option for employers on how to design and maintain campaigns. Further it makes daily work easier for workers, speeds up the completion of tasks and gives them better possibilities to promote their skills.

However, the migration from the current system to the new platform requires a lot testing and careful preparations to assure a smooth transition for all users. Therefore we will start with a beta testing phase before switching to the new system. During the beta phase we will have three stages:

  1. Restricted beta: In this stage some workers and employers are given access to the new system to have a first look.
  2. Closed beta: In this stage the initial testers are allowed so invite some other users to join the testing group.
  3. Open beta: Everyone will be allowed to register at the beta platform to test it.

In each stage, the test users are given virtual credits to spend on the new platform. However, these credits cannot be withdrawn at the end of the beta phase, nor will they be transferred in the live system. During the testing phase, the system might also be reset or breaking changes might be applied. Therefore we strongly recommend not using the beta test for business relevant campaigns.

In the next posts we will give some more insights about the features of the new platform and the progress of the beta.



I think its is good. Well done Microworkers team.


I Think its good for all of us. Thank you Microworkers team.

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We are excited! Bring them on ๐Ÿ™‚ I
(check my list of best ptc sites)

Afzal Hossain

Just brilliant! Hoping to get the FIRST access to the BETA ๐Ÿ˜‰ my id d6017d0c .. Rock on Microworkers.


That is a an amazing news but still keep the interface cuz its so easy to use…and more activiti cuz there are alot of scamers lately.


Why o.O I do not like it at all!
Why destroy something good, something SIMPLE and easy to use ?

I have saw so many FAILS, so many times when things was just perfect, people in charge have ruined it with their”great update”…

It was a nice time spent here and i hope you will not destroy this too much. Do not follow fate of all SUCCESSFUL pages, games etc…

And, half of this “wooow”, “good job” etc idiots would be praising if you put a shit on picture lol. Brain level – 0.

Inul Haque

really awesome


We hope new change. We would like to see different tasks. Like Adobe works, some Microsoft office works and many more survey.


Welcome all new and good things. Thanks Microworkers.com

Kshitij Bhanu

Oh that’s nice!! I’m working on microworkers for past 3 years. Really happy to see the new changes.
All the best to microworkers team


Can we got more job for these facilities . The jobs are dried out please do something for that.

Krishna sharma

Sounds good, waiting for it.

Abdullah Al Novil

Just amazing , brilliant, feeling excited ๐Ÿ˜€


I love it. i think it’s very good. Thank you Microworkers team

Nicholas (MW)

@all: Thanks for all the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicholas (MW)

@RedPrimeRU: We are sorry to hear that you do not like the renewed platform. Up to now we have received only positive responses regarding the new interface and most users so far find it easier to use. We would like to hear in more detail what you dislike exactly, as we are constantly trying to improve the platform. Please take a few minutes to use either the “First Impression” Campaign in the beta system or the E-mail address provided to you in your invitation link to submit your feedback. Thanks

Nicholas (MW)

@Bhmsen: The beta has a lot of new features with which we hoping to attract new Employers. Especiall the API should be attractive to many Employers providing tasks in various existing as well as new categories

Uzair Syed

Good work! Also provide an option to remove many tasks at once by checking in a box beside the tasks as we do in the emails to mark multiple emails as read. Thanks

Nicholas (MW)

@Uzair Syed: Work is already in progress ;). We will release this feature soon to the beta server. Stay tuned and thanks for your feedback.

Muhammad Uzair

Thank You Microworkers Team.

Ane Mari

Excited to see all these changes. Can I be a part of the testing team? My ID is 1be67431


@Nicholas (MW), we all will praise and admire all of your efforts which improve the system , although the current design and platform is not bad at all though if you provide a better platform ( in-terms of) making it better for employers and workers with what they do with mw.
my Only worry here is WHEN would your company start to reply the Members TICKETS?
i have my some SKRILL money with u but i dont get any email or reply in MW iNbOx.please guide


@random comments
You did not see anything and you are happy like new year, lie i said wait then praise LOL. If they wrote that moon is green you would be like “nice” and “good job” o.O

I am just worried that things will gone wrong after this. I have faced so many fail updates on other portals similar to mw and 2 online games. After “great update” in first month population has cut in half, after 2 months 30 % more are gone, including me.

Interface is good and easy to use, please do not complicate it more. This is just example, one thing that annoys me most is that i see a lot less jobs then my friend who lives 100 meters from me. Fix that for example.

Adding position in jobs per COUNTRY could help us in Europe to survive. For example only in Bangladesh have more workers then in whole Europe. We cant grab any job because of large competition. It is not fair and i think that some European products for advertising is more valuable if job come from European worker. If you understand me.

I am here for almost 4 years and in time i loved this firm – page and i want to stay that way. Call us older workers for testing new version. But for now i am just sceptic on all this ๐Ÿ˜€

Nicholas (MW)

@all: Please stick to the topic of the post. We will not approve comments totally off topic ;).

Regarding support requests on the current live system please use the dedicated channels for this. Our admins will try to get to you as soon as possible


Hello, I want to be a member in the “Restricted beta” stage. Would you please give me the opportunity? My ID: [d9fc3a70]



I think that is a bad news. To doing task on MW will become more complicated and annoying as they are now the HG jobs..Why tried to change something that works fine, I don’t understand..


I’m so happy to hear of the new changes coming and I would love to be part of the beta testing. My MW ID is 382235.

Jyoti Manandhar

Nice to hear about new things but we concern about jobs. So please send us more and more jobs so we could feel proud of you.Thanks


I think the current website is fine. New features to attract more employers would be great, but please keep the original site. It’s just when websites undergo changes when everything is just fine, that’s when the declining starts.


I Like this work

Motiur Rahman

It is great

karthick g

i tested it is nice to work with

Dhammik Ruwan

Thanks MW….


love you microworkers…..changes always welcome….

Atikur Rahman

I like this microworkers job. Thanks.

more optine….

Taimoor Inam

Not getting verification pin on my mobile number please fix this issue…


I am new worker, I registered myself int his site.
But when I want working. They want mobile verification pin. I have none to get till today mobile verification pin. No message from microworkers.com. Please reply or mail me to solve it.


I am not getting verification pin on my mobile number? Can you tell me what to do?

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