Added API Endpoints

We have implemented the Exclude/Include list feature where our users can easily exclude workers (for Employers) and exclude/include jobs (for Workers).

Users have the following lists:

  • Employer’s Exclude List

⇒ This feature enables Employers to exclude Worker/s in their future campaigns and/or campaigns submitted for restart. Workers in this list will no longer be able to see jobs from these Employers in their jobs list.

  • Worker’s Exclude List

⇒ When a Worker doesn’t want to perform certain jobs from an Employer, Worker can utilize the Exclude list feature so jobs will no longer be visible in the jobs list. However, Worker can still see the jobs in their Exclude list and may perform them if preferred.

  • Worker’s Include List

⇒ If a Worker likes certain jobs from an Employer, he/she may utilize the “Add to Include list” link. Workers may view jobs they like in this list. Workers may remove certain jobs if desired by using the “Remove from Include list” link.

And today, we have added these API endpoints:

⇒ /employer/exclude_list

API function for Get Excluded Workers List

API function for Add Workers to Exclude List

API function for Remove Workers from Exclude List

⇒ /worker/exclude_list

⇒ /worker/include_list

Also updated our libraries required for PHP, Python, Perl and C#. You can find these updates in this page:

Employers may be able to download updated library from the said page.


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